On this page can you find some news wich is coming on the homepage when I update it.

In this spring and summer is me and the other members in the team, fishing as much as possible, so it could take a day or two before I update the page, but I promise that I am going to do that, so you can see all the great things and the pictures we take :)


The closest fishingtrip now is when Johan Österman Oom and I going to Hälsingland again for some ice fishing for Pike. We leave Stockholm the 2/3 and comes back 4/3.
This year are we going to fish in the sea instead of the lake as we did last year, beacuse all the snow they got up there.

It´s close to 1 meter snow on the lakes, but only 1 feet out at sea.
If we are lucky we have a friend from the location with us too ;)