Here is some info about us.
Håkan Janevret
Flyfishing for Grayling, but also fishing after
several other spieces and with other methods.

Johan Lundström
Flyfishing after all kind of fishes, all fishing is fun!

Krister Fritz
Fishing for Pike and Zander.

Jan Syrén
Like´s to fish for Pike and flyfishing for Grayling. This year will he try to go
after Zander´s too.

Johan Österman Oom
Pike and Perch geek who hunt for the 1 kg record on perch
and the magic 10 kg for Pike. Every fishingtrip is an adventure.

Henrik Ersson
Fishing for Pike and Zander. Want to be in competions as much as possible.

Anders Vestman:
Fishing for pike to 90 %
Do not flyfish, have boat and trailer.